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I am currently based in Sacramento, but San Francisco and the Bay Area are as familiar and dear to me as my lens. 
Please feel welcome to contact me for inquiries, collaborations, or assignments below.

Phone 646-942-2920

Email eileen@eileenroche.com

What work looks like during COVID-19

Crafting beautiful imagery within safe conditions is my top priority. 
I’m a huge proponent of the create in place movement. To me, creating in place means being resourceful and utilizing my home landscape to its fullest potential, capturing shots and spaces that would otherwise be overlooked. 
I’m available for onsite shoots as well. Here’s how we’ll navigate them safely:

Inside Homes Sessions inside the home are still possible. I’m able to work solo or alongside minimal personnel, so your image quality won’t be impacted by team size. I’ll collaborate with each client in a pre-production stage to create a tailored COVID safety plan for the shoot. Everyone will be masked and ready with a shotlist to minimize time inside.

Outdoors Outdoor sessions are always on the table. I thrive shooting solo amidst the natural landscape and love taking assignments that lead me down paths less traveled. Just because it's the outdoors doesn’t mean I’ll throw precaution out the window either. I’ll still wear a mask, practice social distancing, and never arrive when feeling ill. At present, my travel is limited to destinations I can reach in my car.

Times are changing, but creativity and inspiration doesn't stop. This summer will call for flexibility as the vaccine is dispersed and restrictions begin to lift.

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